As land becomes more and more scarce, especially around our beloved airports, hangar space often suffers and many Airport Operators and Owners are forced to leave their aircraft out in the weather.


Morgan Aeroworks easy to use Storage Lift is the ideal solution for maximising the space available in most hangars. Both Tri-Gear and Tail-Dragger aircraft can be lifted clear of an aircraft that is kept at ground level effectively doubling the hangars space.


Don't leave your pride and joy out in the cold...A Morgan Aeroworks Storage Lift could be the solution you've looking for.

Aircraft Storage Lift

Save Valuable Hangar Space

Our Aircraft Storage Lifts are a simple to use and highly efficient method of storing your aircraft safely in a hangar where space might be an issue. A simple chain block method is used to raise and lower the Storage Lift for those hangars without power. Where power is available, you can have our Storage Lift fitted with an optional 240v chain block electric motor. Raising and lowering of the Aircraft Storage Lift is a breeze with either method!


With the wide range of aircraft now available to the Australian pilot, the standard size Storage Lift may not suit the individuals needs...however our Storage Lifts can be made higher and wider as the client may request. Contact us for a quote should our Standard Lift not suit your current requirements.



Carrying Load 400 Kg (Max)
Overall Mast Height 3m
Aircraft Raised Height (height at which aircraft is raised off the ground) 2m
Wheel Base 2m
Wheel Track 2.5m
Aircraft Undercarriage Configuration Tri-Gear / Tail-Dragger

The figures quoted above are for the standard size Aircraft Storage Lift.