Aircraft Overview

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Basic Kit does not Include: Motor, Instruments, Paint or Upholstery.

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Information about the Joey MKII is coming soon.



Cruise - Sea Level 140 Kts
Vne 174 Kts
Manoeuvring Speed 120 Kts
Cruise - 8000 ft. (Indicated) TBA
Stall - Clean 40 Kts
Stall - Flaps NA
Rate of Climb - Sea Level (@ 80 Kts, 2 up, full fuel) 1000fpm
Glide Ratio 12:1
Take-Off Roll 160m
Landing Distance (Over 50m Obsticle) TBA
Landing Roll (with light braking) 180m
Take-Off Distance (Over 50m Obsticle) TBA
Service Ceiling 10,000 ft
Fuel Consumption (Rotax 912 - 4 Cylinder 80hp) 17-25 Litres p/h



Cabin Width 42 Inches (Standard)
Baggage Space 0.2 Cubic Meters
Length - Spinner to Rudder
Wing Span
Wing Chord - Root/Tip
1.20m / 0.90m
Wing Area
92 Sq Feet
Tailplane Span
2' 1"
Height (Rudder Tip)
1.8m (Tri-Gear)
Wheel Base (Mains)
Empty Weight
340 Kg
Maximun Take Off Weight (MTOW) 544 Kg


Power Plants

Jabiru 3300 - 6 Cylinder 125hp
Jabiru 2200 - 4 Cylinder 80hp
Rotax 912 - 4 Cylinder 80hp
Rotax 912s - 4 Cylinder 100hp