Aircraft Overview

The Super Diamond MkII was developed due to requests for the aircraft to have a more reliable, more powerful 4 stroke motor. With that in mind the wing was modified to increase VNE to 140kts.


When fitted with the Jabiru 2200 or the Rotax 912 the Super Diamond MkII can reach cruise speeds of up to 125kts.


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Basic Kit does not Include: Motor, Instruments, Paint or Upholstery.

Prices quoted are in Australian dollars and subject to change without notice. All prices are plus GST.


The Super Diamond MkII uses a simple aluminium tube fuselage and pop rivet construction method. The main support frame that holds the undercarriage, pilot and wings to the fuselage is a welded steel tube frame. The double taper main wing spars are a structural angle top and bottom with a sheer web face; these are riveted together with solid rivets. Many pre-moulded fibreglass parts such as the wing ribs help reduce construction time. Other fibreglass parts such as cowl, spats and wing tips are included in the kit as well as wheel brakes and various hardware. The aircraft is fabric covered to get a smooth finish. Many optional extras can be purchased should you wish to upgrade certain aspects of the basic kit.



Cruise - Sea Level 120 Kts
Vne 140 Kts
Manoeuvring Speed 85 Kts (Max)
Cruise - 8000 ft. (Indicated) TBA
Stall - Clean 37 Kt
Stall - Flaps NA
Rate of Climb - Sea Level (@ 80 Kts, 1 up, full fuel) 1200 fpm
Glide Ratio 12:1
Take-Off Roll 60m
Landing Distance (Over 50m Obsticle) TBA
Landing Roll (with light braking) 75m
Take-Off Distance (Over 50m Obsticle) TBA
Service Ceiling 10,000 ft
Fuel Consumption 12-16 Litres p/h

Performance figures quoted are for the prototype Super Diamond MkII fitted with the Rotax 503 50hp engine.


Cabin Width 28 inches (Standard)
Baggage Space 0.5 Cubic Meters
Length - Spinner to Rudder
Wing Span
Wing Chord - Root / Tip
1.20m / 0.90m
Wing Area
81 Sq Feet
Tailplane Span
Height (Rudder Tip)
1.6m (Tri-Gear)
Wheel Base (Mains)
Empty Weight
185 Kg
Maximum Take Off Weight (MTOW) 450 Kg


Power Plants

Jabiru 2200 - 4 Cylinder 80hp