Brief Introduction

Morgan Aeroworks is an Australian aircraft kit manufacturer specialising in high performance and highly affordable sports aircraft. We pride ourselves on being able to offer the Australian aviation industry a range of aircraft that are both designed and manufactured in Australia. All of our aircraft can be purchased in kit form or as a completed aircraft, ready to fly away!


Morgan Aeroworks was started in 2002 to fill a void that Garry Morgan, Director of the company, felt had been left open for far too long. The Australian sports aircraft industry had been sitting idle for years with nothing new coming onto the market. After garnering quite a lot of attention for his prize winning modified KR2, the Joey, Garry spent some time canvassing the aircraft and kits available to the Australian builders and pilots.


Disappointed with various aspects of the aircraft available such as construction time, performance and most of all price, Garry thought he could offer Australian pilots exactly what they were looking for.
It had to be fast, it had to be attractive, it had to have endurance and most of all it had to be affordable. After 2 years of development, the Cheetah was born and Garry Morgan had provided the Australian Aviation Industry with the solution.

About Morgan Aeroworks

Garry Morgan - Aircarft Designer / Director

I was born in New Zealand in 1956 and built my first model at 5 years of age. It was a balsa and tissue covered aeroplane. I started designing model aircraft about 6-7 years old as kits were to expensive and to hard to find. In those days there were no motors so hand launched gliders, whip control line and free flight models were the order of the day. When I was about 8 years I got my first 2.5cc Elfin Diesel motor and designed my own powered aircraft. I was designing and building one every 2 weeks or so. My designs won some model aeroplane competitions and at about 13 years of age I started flying single channel radio control planes. It wasn't until I was about 16 years old that Digital Radio Control came in and this really allowed me to explore more radical and experimental designs. After completing secondary school I did a apprenticeship in Carpentry.


I moved to Australia in 1977 and was still flying models. I was fortunate enough to win the Australian model aircraft aerobatic championships in 1979 and soon after started flying full size aircraft. I started my full size flying at Bankstown Airport in Piper Cheerokee 140. After only doing a few hours I realised that the expense was far greater than the thrill so I tried gliding at Camden as you only pay for the time you're in the air. It was also at this time that I was introduced to Ultralight Aviation and I started building a Grasshopper at Camden with Ray Tollhurst who was building them by this time. After completing the aircraft we flew out of a paddock at the back of St Marys on the outskirts of Sydney. This was the thrill I had been searching for and as they say, I was bitten by the flying bug badly...I wanted to go higher and faster for longer. It wasn't long after and I was designing my own motor glider and the J2 sport. While designing and building these aircraft I was also restoring many gliders; getting many ratings with the GFA (Gliding Federation of Australia).


After 15 years of working for myself as a Carpenter, my back was no longer going to let me keep working in the trade. I needed another job; but what was I going to do? Every one loved my modified KR2 the Joey, so I decided to make a kit of it. Unfortunately it was not a big seller so I spent the next couple of years doing some market research. This led to the 2 Seat Cheetah, an easy to build, easy to fly, high performance, in-expensive aircraft...Morgan Aeroworks was born and as they say, the rest is history. Today I'm proud to say that we are growing at an exponential rate and constantly have new ideas, specifically for the Australian aviation market. What's next you ask...well, you'll just have to wait and see; we promise you wont be disappointed!