Aircraft Overview

The next step in the evolution of the Cougar.


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Changes from the Mk1

Changes are an increase in the MTOW to 950KG , 50KG in the fuselage and 100KG of fuel in the wings.

Higher undercarriage by 100mm for larger propellers.

Cleaner and longer canopy lines for the rear seat.

More sweep on the fin.

Step on the fuselage for the higher undercarriage.

Power up to 160Hp.

Cruise speeds 140-150 for 160Hp and 125-130 for 120Hp @ 600Kg.

Performance Estimates

Cruise - Sea Level 130 Kts
Vne 160 Kts
Manoeuvring Speed 90 Kts (Max)
Cruise - 8000 ft. (Indicated) TBA
Stall - Clean 33 Kts
Stall - Flaps 28 Kts
Rate of Climb - Sea Level (@ 80 Kts, 1 up, full fuel) 1200 fpm
Glide Ratio 12:1
Take-Off Roll 150m
Landing Distance (Over 50m Obsticle) TBA
Landing Roll (One person on board with light braking) 60m
Take-Off Distance (Over 50m Obsticle) TBA
Service Ceiling 10,000 ft
Fuel Consumption (Jabiru 3300 - 6 Cylinder 125hp) 18-28 Litres p/h

Until flight testing is completed, the performance figures quoted are only an estimate.


Cabin Width 42 Inches (Standard)
Baggage Space 1.4 Cubic Meters
Length - Spinner to Rudder
Wing Span
Wing Chord - Root/Tip
1.50m / 1.05m
Wing Area
110.5 Sq Feet
Tailplane Span
Height (Rudder Tip)
2.0m (Tri-Gear)
Wheel Base (Mains)
Empty Weight
353 Kg
Maximun Take Off Weight (MTOW) 950Kg


Power Plants

Jabiru 3300 - 6 Cylinder 125hp
Subaru TBA
Lycoming 160hp
Continental TBA