Aircraft Overview

Introducing Morgan Aeroworks' COUGAR: The Next Generation in sports aviation. This exciting 4 Seat (2+2) aircraft is the latest development of all metal aircraft from Garry Morgan.


With a pedigree that extends from the highly successful all metal 2 Seat Cheetah Sierra100, the Cougar was the next logical step as the demand for larger and more versatile aircraft was becoming more and more prominent. The Cougar will be available to customers as a fully assembled, read-to-fly aircraft or in kit form for the intrepid builder.


With the Cougar being a large 2+2 RAA registrable aircraft that has heaps of room, you can now literally take the kitchen sink away with you.


The Cougar has been in development since July 2008 and flight testing of the 4 Seat Cougar is now well underway. Be sure to keep an eye on the Press Room for further information and developments of this revolutionary new aircraft.


For more images of the prototype Cougar, and of the latest Cougar, visit our Media Gallery.

Complete Kit does not Include: Paint and Upholstery.

Prices quoted are in Australian dollars and subject to change without notice. All prices are plus GST.


Preliminary Information

The Cougar is an all metal 4 seat aircraft. It will have the ability to carry 4 people (2x90kg front / 2x80kg rear),
100 litres of fuel and baggage up to a maximum take off weight (MTOW) of 800kg. The Cougar can be de-rigged, put into a trailer and made ready for transport in under 10 minutes.


Performance Estimates

Cruise - Sea Level 130 Kts
Vne 160 Kts
Manoeuvring Speed 90 Kts (Max)
Cruise - 8000 ft. (Indicated) TBA
Stall - Clean 33 Kts
Stall - Flaps 28 Kts
Rate of Climb - Sea Level (@ 80 Kts, 1 up, full fuel) 1200 fpm
Glide Ratio 12:1
Take-Off Roll 150m
Landing Distance (Over 50m Obsticle) TBA
Landing Roll (One person on board with light braking) 60m
Take-Off Distance (Over 50m Obsticle) TBA
Service Ceiling 10,000 ft
Fuel Consumption (Jabiru 3300 - 6 Cylinder 125hp) 18-28 Litres p/h

Until flight testing is completed, the performance figures quoted are only an estimate.


Cabin Width 42 Inches (Standard)
Baggage Space 1.4 Cubic Meters
Length - Spinner to Rudder
Wing Span
Wing Chord - Root/Tip
1.50m / 1.05m
Wing Area
110.5 Sq Feet
Tailplane Span
Height (Rudder Tip)
2.0m (Tri-Gear)
Wheel Base (Mains)
Empty Weight
353 Kg
Maximun Take Off Weight (MTOW) 800 Kg


Power Plants

Jabiru 3300 - 6 Cylinder 125hp
Subaru TBA
Lycoming TBA
Continental TBA